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Harmon Phillips using his Adhesion ability to crawl up the wall.
Vital statistics
Name Adhesion
Aliases Wall Crawling, Wall Walking
Basics The ability to cling to surfaces and move vertically or upside down
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Harmon Phillips
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Adhesion (a.k.a. Wall Crawling) is the ability to cling to solid surfaces, whether it is vertical, near vertical, or upside down. It is unclear how it is specifically accomplished; either the user exudes a psychic aura which bonds to molecules as the user wills, possibly due to some application of Telekinesis; it may involve the presence of physical suction cups or sticky mucus on the skin created by an unknown organ and secreted through the pores; or it may be due to some form of Zoophysiology; microscopic hairs (such as that of insects or arachnids). One with this ability could keep objects from being stolen from him, stick to walls or keep foes from getting out of his or her grasp. This ability is usually (but not always) capable of being turned on and off at will and exudes through clothing.

This ability must have some other aspects to it, in order to allow one with this ability to maintain their equilibrium.

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The user must come into contact with the objects that they wish to adhere together, or adhere to. If this ability functions by a mental ability, such as telekinetics, if their concentration was lost then their body would lose its adhesiveness. Usually one with the ability of Adhesion would have some type of compensation ability, allowing them to maintain perfect equilibrium, but if one doesn't then supposedly strenuous usage of this ability would induce migrains or unexpected physiological outcomes, such as vomiting.

Harmon Phillips[]

Main article: Harmon Phillips

Harmon's has only been seen using this ability to climb up the slightly slanted wall of a building.