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Addiction Inducing
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Vital statistics
Name Addiction Inducing
Aliases Addiction Alleviation, Addiction Negation, Addiction Relief
Basics Ability to cause a target to suffer from addictions or to alleviate them of it.
Root Ability Telepathy
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Evolved Humans
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Addiction Inducing is the psychic ability to implant a mental attachment to a certain object or subject, or to increase a current addiction or fetish. One with this ability could make a foe absolutely addicted to sugar, chocolate, smoking, sex or any other addictive substance (even if the subject has never tried the substance).

However, one with this ability may also cure the addictions of allies as well, this faculty of the ability is adeptly named Addiction Alleviation/Negation/Relief.

An Addiction Inducer usually has one of two side effects, a natural resistance to both physical and mental addictions or a severe vulnerability to both.

This ability could be achieved through an applied usage of Telepathy.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

Social Possibilities[]

The applied usage of this ability by an Addiction Inducer can cure the world of all addictive problems.

Psychological Effects[]