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Accelerated Probability
Accelerated Probability
Santiago using Accelerated Probability during a "soccer" match.
Vital statistics
Name Accelerated Probability
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Basics Ability to see the possible outcomes of an event.
Root Ability Precognition
Related Abilities Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Reflexes, Lentation
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Kaito Nakamura, Edward Rodriguez, Santiago Rodriguez
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Accelerated Probability is the ability to precognitively see what choice one should make when confronted by a situation, and then psychically accelerate oneself along that path of causality immediately, usually at Superhuman Speed (though usually not as fast as a normal speedster). However, this ability only allows one to do physical abilities that one is capable of (if one needed to do a back flip in order to evade an attack, but the user was incapable or too afraid to do a back flip, then they would not be able to do it, and the like). This ability is usually accompanied by limited Superhuman Speed and Superhuman Reflexes. Lentation also seems to be an ability encompassed within this one.

It is theorized that this ability works by supercharging the adrenal glands causing the mind and body to work at an accelerated rate.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

Speed and Reflexes[]

Aspects of Lentation[]

Social Possibilities[]

Psychological Effects[]


One with this ability may be able to become nearly unstoppable, seeing as how they can determine the appropriate course of action for whatever situation that they may be in.


Kaito Nakamura[]

Main aritcle: Kaito Nakamura

Edward Rodriguez[]

Main article: Edward Rodriguez

Like his son Santiago, Edward can also see paths ahead of him. He used this ability to sneak up on a woman at greater than normal speed.

Santiago Rodriguez[]

Main article: Santiago Rodriguez

Santiago has shown to be able to react rapidly to situations. For example, when he was about to be hit by a bus, he was capable of thinking while the bus moved in slow motion. His body also appeared to be in slow motion as he remained in the same position when the bus was going to hit him, even though he remained aware of everything. However, he has shown that he can use his ability to move at greater speeds, as he was capable of suddenly fleeing from the bus.

Santiago's ability also allows him to predict the probability and movement of objects at an accelerated rate. For instance, he could see the path his bag would take while it was in mid-air and use that knowledge to catch it.