Advancing Evolution Wiki

There are a small minority of scientists who believe in Accelerated Evolution but find the abilities that Dr. Burke theorizes to be far fetched. The evolutionary jumps are expected to be too wide and too dramatic in a direction that is unneeded for the prorogation of the race or survival of the individual.

The mutations would more likely begin with the removal of useless organs or the evolution of those organs into use. The appendix may have its purpose revealed as evolution adapts the body into a more perfect form.

Many of the reasons for the justification of such scientists rely on how evolution works at a normal speed. They dispute the claim that accelerated evolution is limited to Homo Sapiens, but believe that it is available to each species on the planet.

Evolutionary signs of accelerated evolution is expected to include: Organs that do different functions, Increased Immunities, changes in muscle structure, changes in bone structure, increased brain size and life spans.

Forced Fast Evolution[]

As a result of the cataloging of the entire human genome, Forced Fast Evolution will begin over the next 50 years. While allowing humans to defeat the aging process, regenerate organs and obtain heretofore un-experienced levels of strength, endurance and intelligence, a Pandora's Box of unimaginable horrors will be forever opened.

In addition to the positive effects mentioned above, the negative side effects will be a cornucopia of mutation-gone-wild. Spontaneous generation of extra limbs and organs, mental depression at an extremely violent and unprecedented level, super-criminals, over-population, extreme cancers which can kill overnight, disease that spreads uncontrolled and deformed births are just a taste of what will come. Monsters which were just the stuff of science fiction will roam the earth, terrorizing the 'normal' population.