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Ability extension is the ability to extend one's ability outside of their own body. Ordinarily, the power is extended to another individual or object simply by placing a hand on the other person or thing. The extension is optional for the evolved human who actually possesses the ability. Certain abilities are not able to be extended past the range of an evolved humans. For example, Flight, someone can't become able to fly simply by being touched by an evolved human with the ability to fly.

Likewise, some abilities are naturally extended outside of their body; for example Telepathy functions by reading another person's mind. While it is being extended outside of their body it is not considered ability extension because it does not grant another the ability to read minds. But on that same note, many telepaths are capable of broadcasting thoughts, so perhaps if a telepath was broadcasting the thoughts of another to people besides himself it could be considered ability extension.

Extendable Ability Examples[]

  • Intangibility is capable of being extended by touch. This is made possible because when someone is phasing they align their atoms with the spaces inbetween another things atoms. This affect is accomplished by some unknown means, but the same affect is given to whatever, the evolved human is in contact with when using this ability.
  • Invisibility is capable of being extended by touch because when the evolved human is bending the light waves away from their body they bend them from around whatever it is they are touching.
  • Chronokinesis is capable of being extended past touch because the evolved human using this ability can choose whatever it is they are affecting with it.